Leaking Surveillance Video - The Jay-Z / Solange Incident

The twitter topic du jour is the surveillance video of Jay Z's sister-in-law attacking him in an elevator.

The big question from an industry perspective is what the liability for organizations that leak surveillance video? Legally and from a marketing perspective?

If you are a business that serves famous people, it would seem to be a negative to have a track record where you release private (?) video.

Also, should the employee who did this get fired? Thoughts?

Here's the surveillance video:

I bet he got paid a nice amount to giving that to TMZ.

Letting anyone into their control room with a smartphone is FAIL #1

Also, should the employee who did this get fired?

I understand that there was no audio recording in the elevator (for legal?) and so there is no matching audio track to help figure out what the fight is all about.

That however does not explain the lack of an audio track in this video, which, though it would be liberally laced with profanic exclamations, would be quite helpful in your question. Because it could reveal the station of the shaky (no doubt because they were calculating tmz the paycheck) camera phone operator, who lacked export privileges, or at least wanted it to seem that way.

Of course as Ross suggests its unlikely he ever gave them a chance to fire him... Maybe somebody can TMZ the first TMZ'er and release the audio. ;)

Fired. Though whether he really showed up to work like nothing was up, we don't know. Maybe just got a 'phone, fed-ex or facebook' firing... Its more common everyday...

And here's a Washington Post article that gives solid advice about the limited options to deal with this type of threat (e.g., employee filming surveillance video with a cell phone).