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Large Monitor

Does anyone have any recommendations for a large monitor for viewing multiple cameras? I am thinking around 40+ inches. Is there anything I should consider, watch out for, etc.?

We have a few tutorials/guides on the topic:

Take a look at them and let us know if you have questions or comments.

Here is a "watch out for"

In the Surveillance Monitoring Best Practices guide that John links to, they recommend using commercial grade displays, rather than consumer grade. In addition to the issues with COTS displays that they discuss in the guide, there are also warranty issues. Most consumer grade displays have a clause in their warranties that reduces the warranty period significantly or even voids it entirely if the display is used in a commercial application.

Good point Richard, thanks!

Im sure its in the links posted, but to me the most important factor is the environment and layout of the room. Are there sunny windows, what type of lighting is in the room, what is the expected angle of viewing capabilities, how is it going to be mounted, and what is the media/cable connector type output from the devices that will be driving the video. What Ive seen from LGs LCD commercial displays, they seem very flexible in all of these areas: high contrast, different connection possibilities, standard mounting hardware, relatively light (2 techs have been easily been able to handle 55" models)

Another good point, but I'm really looking at the actual device. If anyone has a favorite brand that they use would be very helpful. Thanks.

As far as specific brands that we regularly use, the main commercial LCD display brands we use are:

LG Commercial

Panasonic Professional

NEC Commercial

Richard, this is exactly what I was looking for. Out of these three... do you have a favorite and if so, why? Thanks again.

I actually forgot about NEC when I used to work in the AV field...

NECs were my favorite at the time for reliability, weight (or lack there of), wide field of view, and very high contrast.

We have a 55" LG Commercial LCD in our office that has run 24/7, been moved around to trade shows, moved around the office and in every lighting situation has been adjustable to look great, and has been very reliable even being moved. It is a bit heavy, but still easily handled by 2 people

Good to know! This really helps me alot. Thanks for sharing.

Our "go to" is probably LG, just because they're workhorses. Like Sean mentions, they can take a lot of wear and tear and keep working. They are also pretty reasonably priced among commercial displays.

That is probably what I'm going to shoot for. Again thanks to all who responded... truly narrowed my choices down.