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Pros/Cons Of Keri Systems Video?

Hello, I have been asked to do a review for a customer for several different security technologies and a couple of the sites we came across have Door access control by Keri Systems.

Not being familiar with them, and having to look at latest and greatest applications to recommend for the company considering door access and video I was hoping to get some feedback on the company and if anyone has used them. Can anyone share some pros and cons of this platform?

It looks like they have a networked based offering referred to as and a camera tie in called Reflections however it only works directly with Milestone Systems or a direct camera link, of which will record clips of video on event independently of a recorder. The claim is they avoid any timing difference this way. The goal of the outcome would be to recommend they stay with this platform which has been installed for many years or switch out to another option.

Before getting too deep, how many cameras are you looking to manage/view?

Taking a look at Reflections turns up some interesting details that may be a showstopper depending on your customer.

First, if the camera count is small, you can do 4 cameras with no upgrade from the base Doors.Net client:

"Even without the optional Reflections Client, customers have the ability to view and record from 4 IP cameras within the Doors.NET and Eclipse.NET access control Client via the included Reflections Express."

If you're looking for full-fledged video management, Reflections may not be a good choice for other reasons:

Basic VMS features like PTZ controls, bookmarking/flagging events, and displaying on multiple monitors are 'premium' options.

Reflections is a video integration module for access management software, but stops short of being a useful VMS.

Also, like you note, the Reflections EVR is compatible with Milestone and Aimetis NVRs, so you are going to primarily manage video from those platforms anyway. Reflections just pulls video into the access management software.

Directly connecting cameras is not a good option unless you have very small numbers of cameras. Network infrastructure aside, without a local recorder, it is going to leave you limited in key video surveillance features mentioned above.

Thanks Brian for looking into all that. The customer is more camera heavy than door heavy and currently uses independant platforms for video, which are not integratable to Kerri. Multiple Multiple sites all with at least 16 cameras each. The camera systems need to go, so the answer im lookign for most, is Kerri a good access platform to stick with as it will integrate with Milestone Systems a "2nd" choice NVR (for us in this situation) option over going the route of a more sophisticated integrated ACCESS/Video platform from a more closely integrated access/video manufactuer?

I just never had any feedback from a customer on Keri anywhere else in the field, so i dont know about the feature set. Is it a top tier player in Access or "meets requirements" type of platform.