Ispy Open Source VMS

UPDATE: We have tested iSpy. See report.

Has anyone used iSpy? It is a Windows based, open source VMS from an Australian developer that is actively being developed (see the changelog). It is a freemium model with the VMS available at no charge but with remote / cloud access option available either as a perpetual license (including rebranding) or as an ongoing subscription.

I have seen it used at a bank. We had small cube cameras setup on teller lines to grab better images of customers/visitors faces. We setup each branch manager with access to iSpy with the corresponding teller cams at their location. We had iSpy capture images every 2 seconds while an object was in view, and made a folder for managers to easily view images and camera live views.

This was as a compliment to a traditional DVR/NVR/VMS or?

In compliment to a traditional DVR system.

Why then? What was the traditional DVR missing that the bank found value in iSpy?

I'm not entirely sure, but my theory is they didn't want to give managers access to the entire system, and prevent potential security mistakes. Also, it proved faster for a manager to pull up a problem customers image and send it out to other branches.

Bumping this up. Does anyone have any comments about a free, open source VMS? It looks intriguing.