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Iscsi -Vs- Fiber Channel -Vs- Fcoe

Hi John,

My suggestion for upcoming articles: more on Ethernet storage technologies like iSCSI -vs- Fiber Channel -vs- FCoE.

I did a search for "FCoE" (Fiber Channel over Ethernet) on and got 2592 results, none of which is related really to the exact topic of STORAGE in LAN/WAN and it's relationship with storing HUGE amounts of video data on IP networks for regulatory purposes (banking sector).

2 quick reasons:

- More and more debate is going on in the market for storing more video for lengthier periods of time in rackmount servers (specially in the financial sector post-2008 crisis).

- NO IP cameras installer / CCTV integrators should be "caught of guard" when some IT networking guy brings up the topic in a meeting: asking on the merits of using iSCSI or FCoE and asks for the security bunch to give their opinions.

You might also look at SAS. SAS has the capability to transport server-to-storage data at up to 12Gb/s, although 6Gb/s is more common. That is what our current system uses.


as Carl says, you should analyze your requirements of bandwidth. BTW, cooper is way more easy to mantain and install.