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ISC Shocker? Lilin 120 FPS 3MP 1080P - 30 FPS 12MP 4K Unveiling

John once told Tim Hsu bluntly

We do not use your cameras (Lilin) because no one ever asks for them.

Lilin no doubt hopes that will all change after the ISC debut of their new flagship.

Who can beat (on paper) these outrageous specs?

At least 10 companies will announce the same types of camera at the show....

I am ignoring the 120fps part as it's totally possible but pointless for 99.99% of the market. It's literally 2x as pointless as 60fps cameras.

That said, good for Lilin for announcing a few days earlier than others.

Also, Bosch announced 4K a year ago, and then repeatedly delayed since.

At least 10 companies will announce the same types of camera at the show....

IYHO, will Avigilon be one of them? Last I checked their old HDPro 11MP was clunking along at 5FPS, and as far I have seen their saucy new 12MP has no published frame rate except "increased"...

As long as the frame rate is over 10fps, it won't be a practical problem.

That said, everyone who is touting 'true' 4K cameras will presumably be offering 30fps, though that it likely overkill again for almost everyone.

For those who aren't familiar a lot of these releases have the 1080p120 spec, as well as 4k because they're based on Ambarella's S2 SoC. We talked about it briefly in previous coverage. You'll also see a couple of 6MP panoramic announcements come out, also related to that SoC.

Glad you said "almost".

Actually, I see a point to 60fps and even 120fps cameras. Many IP cameras have trouble supplying two streams at 30fps. I would assume that if a camera can provide one stream at 60fps, it should (and I repeat, should) have no trouble providing two streams at 30fps.

To be clear, we cannot be certain that all of them are Ambarella, but definitely a lot of surveillance manufacturers are using Ambarella now.

I find it odd CCTV companies are pushing 4K over H.264, just like cellphone companies... Yet video companies (Sony / Cannon) aren't supporting H.264. Had an Eos 1D C I was able to shoot with, NO h.264 option, only MJPG. You could compress it on the back end in post production, but it looked like crap after. On MJPG 20Min = 60 Gig.

VP9 is the future, but I am not hearing any of these high-def CCTV companies talk about it..

Hi Carl, your assumptions are correct we can provide multiple 1080p streams at 30fps, I'm checking with our PM today to see what the limit is, theoretically it's 4 but I need to verify this.