ISC Brasil's Own Photos - Half Booth Babes

ISC Brasil is showcasing their show here. About half of the photos are of booth babes, which is a peculiar choice.

[Update: day 2 they added more regular people photos.]

Pelco embraced it:

While Axis took a more conservative approach:

And local company Intelbras pushed it:

In the US, this is becoming rarer and rarer, but in Latin America, it appears very much mainstream.

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I did a show in S√£o Paulo Brazil years ago where practically every booth (including ours) had a number of beautiful young ladies standing around in skimpy outfits AND practically every booth had a bar where alcohol was served.

I thought I was back to American shows from the late eighties!

Guns, Gates, Guards and Girls. The 4G's of security trade shows.

I'm not entirely sure I ever understood "booth babes" at this type of trade show. Sure, at comic conventions and consumer electronics shows these antics make sense as they're looking to generate foot traffic under any means possible. Professionalism really doesn't factor in as much there and the product is being sold to people who are spending a few hundred to a few grand. However, at a professional electronics trade show we're all evaluating product and making decisions on potentially millions of dollars of product. I don't see how the eye candy and cleavage affects my business decisions and anyone who makes decisions this way is likely to not be around for long.

That said, I did go to a trade show with a CFO and he stuck around at a booth babe / free beer booth while everyone else walked the show floor... so maybe I'm just not in the target demographic.

Note to self: learn Portuguese...