Is This Stupid Or Smart? Monkey Remote Retrofit Intercom

Kickstarter is bringing you more remote access control ideas, this time as:

Monkey, a 'Keyless entry by making your existing intercom smart'.

Here's the video:

In summary, Monkey is a retrofit module that integrates with existing building intercoms that allows users to remotely grant access (unlock the door) based on the device pushing notice to your smartphone.

The device will detect when your phone is close to the lock and automatically unlock based on proximity.

Also, the concept claims that post carriers or "Deliverers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon or any other can forward the planned delivery time window to our API and we will automatically activate this time window for you."

MSRP for the device is 99€, or about $115 USD.

I think this is a pretty bad idea, and here's why:

1. No voice: Despite being intercom based, it appears Monkey lacks the ability to converse remotely through the app.

2. Blind Access: With no video, or support for external video, and no audio, users are just supposed to buzz people in blind? Why not just unlock the door to begin with?

3. Intercom Dependent: This product only appeals to users with intercoms. This might be appealling to urban market, but not every apartment building has intercoms.

These three alone kill the idea for me. At least the Video Doorbell Ring allows me to talk with someone at the door, for about $75 more. Monkey does not even do that.

So, even though I'm not a fan, what do you think? Am I wrong? Vote:

You can easily install monkey yourself into your intercom - there is no need for an electrician or the permission of your landlord. The only place where you have to install something is your intercom. For installing monkey, simply follow three steps:

1. Open your intercom.

Pop off the front of your intercom by pressing the opening latch with the provided screwdriver.

2. Insert monkey.

Really, no permission from your landlord is necessary? Just pry open the intercom and put your glorified WifiRelay in the circuit? (While no one is looking).

Who owns the intercom, if not the landlord? (Don't tell him).

What about other tenants? Maybe they would object to your 1-3 o'clock cable TV guy unlock window? (If they object, tell them about the app, they will love it!)