Should I Go With A Hikvision OEM Vs Hikvision Itself?

Some of these OEM providers are offering the same 3 year warranty and their cameras can be 30% cheaper for the same IP camera.

Are there any major features one is losing my going with them instead of Hikvision branded?

Thank you

Can you give an example of an OEM who is 30% cheaper on the same model compared to Hik themselves? I've honestly never seen it but I'm curious!

I dont believe the Adi's Hikvisions pricing are not supposed to be said, but if they are, please just delete.

They are selling the Hikvision 3MP fixed dome for about $150.

One of my distributor just quoted to me an OEM for about $110. So thats 27% cheaper.

Same exact specs on the camera? Just want to verify.

I have never used the OEM one myself, but my distributor claims it is the same. Here is a copy of the spec sheet he sent me

Sorry it didnt upload

Which Hikvision 3MP model is this supposed to be the same as? It may very well be but it's hard to verify without knowing the exact 3MP model being claimed.

He claims it is a match for the DS-2CD2132-I series.

Specs look similar from the dozen or so I checked on the DS-2CD2132-I listing here

I can get that same HIK dome DS-2CD2132-I from ADI pretty close to your $110. We are a Hikvision gold dealer where we get an additional discount on top of project pricing and plus the random 10% off of Hikvision day happens often too. If you feel you are going to be selling a lot of their cameras, I would recommend signing up for HIK's dealer program. It's a safer route than going with OEM. Our credit terms are really good with them so I'm willing to fork over the extra $10 per camera.

Regarding the Hikvision dealer program. Was that an application that you filled out via ADI or with Hik sales reps?


ADI branch should know about the program but you should contact your Hikvision Sales Rep for all the details and requirements.

In general, benefits going direct vs OEM include:

  • Eliminates risk that the OEM gets cut off in the future by the original manufacturer
  • Ensures direct / immediate access to new software / firmware upgrades
  • Closer relationship with the engineers / developers of the product which can be helpful for more advanced technical issues

On that note, do people usually have success flashing OEM with the Hikvision firmware?

Sounds like doing an occasional smaller project with branded HIK, but using OEMed product for the majority let's you have your cake and eat it too...

As pertains to Hik, I recall reading that the English language firmware was restricted. But it appears this may no longer be the case:

I use both Hikvision and OEM. I would prefer using Hikvision however distribution channels sell at a lot higher price, they never have stock and generally have poor customer support. I started using OEM more often becouse they offer better pricing ,stock and much better customer support.The key here is to have a reputable OEM dealer whom you trust.I have been dealing with mine for 10 years now and I am confident they will be around.


Good feedback.

One comment / question: While your reputable OEM dealer may be around for a long time, what happens if Hikvision stops providing them product or raises the rates they charge your OEM dealer? I do not know specifically what Hikvision will do but those are fairly standard risks one faces when a manufacturer is selling under their own brand in competition with their OEM dealers.

Paul- who is yoour Hikvision Distributor and what branch? Most are well stocked, depending on the model.

eDigitalDeals offers cameras by LTS (a HikVision OEM). For the camera you have mentioned we offer it for as low as $159.95 with free shipping in the Continental USA: And we offer free design services, as well as a 3yr warranty vs. Hikvision's 2yr warranty.

Those prices are the equivlant of Hikvision. And while it is a better warranty, there are the additional risks that were mentioned above. You are able to get Hikvision OEM's for 1/3 cheaper then those.

Raymon- Hikvision Brand thru North American distribution has a standard 3 year warranty. Our Dealer partners get longer warrnty, de[pending on their level.


Bob (from Hikvision)

Bob - If one is a Gold partner with Hikvision, do they get the benefits (discount and warranty) no matter from which distributor they purchase it from?


As part of the program, you select your preferred Distributor(s). If you know your Hik RSM, contact them about the program.


Biggest problem I have is Distribution in Canada (ADI,TRI-ED) not having any stock. They put Hikvision on sale (at this point it is same price as OEM) but don't have any stock for entire month cameras are on sale.This is forcing me to go OEM as they always have stock.

Thanks Paul- I sent that to our Channel manager.

@Bob Germain: In North America, are there authorized and unauthorized Hikvision OEM's?

I know there is a whitelist and a blacklist for auth/unath distributors of branded product, but does such a list exist for OEM's?

Would an installer using an authorized OEM get any additional benefit compared to an unauthorized one?

OEMs have their own policies. Branded channel is completely separate. I would assume any product on Amazon or others like them, whether it is branded or generic are UN-Authorized

So, Swann for instance, is not authorized to sell rebranded Hik product in N.A.?

I am not sure what you are trying to get at. Swann is their own brand. If is says Swann on the label, it is a Swann product. They can sell into North America. They have their own Sales Channel. They (and all other OEMs) are responsible for their own support and warranty like any other manufacturer's OEMs.

Thanks for your quick response. What I am trying to do is understand how the manufacturer/OEM relationship works. Its not your job to help me with that, but I am more than willing to listen to your perspective if you choose to give it.

Having said that, I had recalled a discussion, Is It Ok To Relabel Dahua Without Permission?, in which John had opined:

To be an official Dahua OEM one needs to apply and commit / be able to deliver a certain level of business. I don't know the amount, and it likely varies by region, but it most assuredly is going to require selling thousands or tens of thousands of units annually, not buying onesie, twosies off the Internet.

and also

Dahua definitely does not want random people illicitly relabeling their equipment. I've had that conversation with them explicitly. And that position is not surprising. That's what OEM contracts are for, so they can control who sells, how much they sell, how they sell it, etc.

Of course Hik is not Dah, but I took John's statement as being one pertaining to Mfr/OEM's in general.

Therefore, my understanding was that some OEM's are authorized by the mfr. while others are selling product against their wishes (and possibly the law). So when you say that:

If is says Swann on the label, it is a Swann product

then I assume that Hik does not mind if anyone buys their product and sells it, as long as it doesn't say Hik, or would they?

We have been installing Hikvision for over 2 years and we install a lot of it. We have had nothing but good experiences. We have looked at sourcing Hikvision from companies that white label their branding on the cameras, as they can be less expensive.
The biggest reason we stay with buying directly from Hikvision is the dealer benefits like 3-5 year warrantee, project pricing and more importantly local support. We have a local sales guy and engineer who are more than happy to come visit us at the office and train our people. I can’t trust that the white label company will stand by their warrantee and support the way Hikvision does.

We recently switched from Hikvision to OEM as well. I get 4 years warranty with Hikvision vs 3 years with our OEM. Our OEM supplier also offers a most models in gray color as well which our customers like. As a Canadian company our biggest problem is our customers can google any of the Hikvision cameras and see US pricing that is less than what I pay for it up here! With the OEM I either list it as a Hikvision OEM or my own brand and can be more competitive. For example I pay about $119-129CDN for a 3mp turret for an OEM while ADI has the same Hikvision cameras for $160-185CDN.