Is There An NVR Out That That Works Very Good, For Lots Of Remote Cameras Over Multiple Locatations?

Is there an NVR out that that works very good, for lots (300+) remote (onvif capable) cameras spread over multiple locations? Of course the cameras would be used on a lower bandwith setting. This would mainly be used for playback, and at that time, one camera at a time. The bandwith should not be an issue. By biggest concerns are that it will be able to handle all the cameras, and the pricing per channel.

Thank you

I'm not sure I understand your question. Do you want the NVR in a "central" location connected to lots of remote cameras?

Yes. And the remote camera will be over a few different locations.

Thank you

The bandwith should not be an issue.

How low a bandwidth setting were you thinking of going exactly?

2 Mbps x 300 = 600 Mbps, and you are looking at a Gig WAN connection. Assuming, the receiving end of the pipe is big and reliable enough, it's hard to spec an NVR exactly because they are usually sized by total thruput in Mbps.

When you say NVR do you mean embedded Linux appliance or is a COTS server running a VMS ok?

What's the target for pricing per channel?

2 sounds about right. It would be in a data center with a gig connection.

COTS is good enough.

$100 per channel would be great, however can go up to $200

Thank you

There are a lot more questions before this can be answered.

Pretty much any decent NVR software can accomplish what you are trying to do.

200-300 cameras is a bit much for a single machine. but you can stack a few. just balance the cams over 3-4 servers. The rest just takes some routing.

I too have been pondering a project like this but on a much smaller scale. I'm interested in the networking/router theories with this. Undisclosed 2, can you elaborate on the "how-to" for this?

Are you concerned at all with the reliability of this system and/or violating the T&C of ISP at the cameras end?