Is There A Reset Tool For The Hikvision XML File Security?

I know there is a tool to figure out the reset passwords for hikvisions. However the new security requires sending an xml file. Is there a tool for that?

For generating the .xml? SADP will do it.

Hikvision:How to reset password

Or do you mean a tool that automatically generates codes without Hik intervention?

I was trying to do it with out having to wait for hikvision to get back to me

Hikvision says to contact technical support.

From my experience, you need to use Hik support for the latest-generation firmware (at least for the NVRs, haven't tried the cameras). There were some online tools that would let you input your S/N and system time and it would generate the key for you, but I couldn't get any of those to work in a recent go-around.

If you don't need to keep any of the data/config on the NVR you can do the sftp firmware upgrade trick/hack and reset the entire device that way.