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Hikvision Vs 3rd Party NVR - What Should I Choose?

I have been installing a lot of Hikvision cameras recently. I usually bundle it with an Avigilon NVR as I like the feal and featureset.

But I am wondering, am I wasting my customers money? Is there a benefit to go with a company like Avigilon or Milestone over using Hikvisions own NVR?


I am in the same boat as you right now, but the other way around, I have installed 20 Hikvision systems since last September. I really like their 7716 NVR, but have recently been curious about an alternative 3rd party. We have used them in small transportation hubs, fuel stations, retail stores, pot pharmacies and liquor stores with no problems. Most of our customers don’t need anymore than what Hikvision offers, but I would like to know more about other options or if there is an advantage to using another system.