Is There A Benefit To A Non Auto Leveling Bucket On A Bucket Truck?

Is there a benefit to a non auto leveling bucket on a bucket truck?

I think the particular feature you're describing keeps the bucket parallel with the ground no matter the angle or position of the lifting arm or truck.

These types of lifts might be less expensive, but there are several insurance companies that will not insure trucks without them or any workers using them because of safety risks.

For the record, I've seen experienced operators tend to hate them and think they make operation more difficult. New operators like them.

Insurance aside for just a moment, whatever limited advantage it may offer would be significantly offset by the harm of not having auto-leveling. While I am not a legal expert, I would also check OSHA standards and ANSI. There are constant on-going design changes to improve the ability to level a vehicle with a boom or bucket which tells me that the market as a whole is choosing safety over convenience.