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Is Infinova A US Or Chinese Company?

I've hear of it being referenced as a Chinese company, but their website says they are US based in New Jersey and they list offices in various places around the world with Hong Kong as one of them. Is it a joint venture?

Infinova is a Chinese / American company. They trade on the Shenzhen China stock market, see Infinova's stock quote. Their market capitalization is $800 million. 2013 revenue is ~$153 million, including their Chinese operations and March.

Infinova acquired March Networks in 2011. March continues to market under its own brand, not Infinova's.

[NOTE: Poster works for Infinova, ergo the self endorsement]

Infinova is a US based surveillance products manufacturer having multiple factories including US and China, and the product reliability and support is not a doubt, they have various critical infrastructure projects to their name which are all of national security importance in various countries. 

Blast from the past. Thanks for the update. :)