FLIR Repositioning Itself As "The Full Spectrum Video Security Solution"

FLIR continues to digest its acquisition of Lorex and is now starting to change its public marketing message. Once the 'premiere' thermal camera developer, they are now positioning themselves as "The Full Spectrum Video Security Solution" as the ad below shows:

Lorex has a popular consumer line as well as Digimerge, which was / is more of a trunkslammer offering.

Nonetheless, FLIR is now packaging its respected thermal line with mediocre conventional surveillance offering.

The hope appears to be increase the reputation of the conventional products but the risk is that it tarnishes the thermal offerings.

What do you think?

I believe since they don't have a mid level line the risk is minimal. I don't believe that the small integrator that walks in to Tri-ed and buys the Plug And Play 4 Ch packaged deal For $1000 has clients that would ever buy a thermal camera for him for 10k. So even if he had bad experience it will not matter much. Integrators that has customers that require thermal cameras know Flir. I believe a typical scenario in distribution will be a small integrator walks in and asks the counter guy for a cheap IP system. Counter guy will recommend Flir and when integrator asks him if they are any good, he will say of course. They are a large company with a respected name in thermal cameras,and the sale happen.

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