Is Copying Access Cards Ethical?

This lively discussion is raging on a LinkedIn group: "Is it ethical to offer HID card copying services?" Card cloning is available from internet vendors willing to do so with no questions asked:

That discussion has caught a number of interesting responses, ranging from disbelief that it is possible, to admonishing vendors like this one that offer card cloning services.

Essentially, there are two sides to the discussion:

1) Those that think it's unethical (and harmful) and there is no legitimate need to copy a card.

2) Those that see no ethical quandary, and if cloning is possible and an undesired risk for your cards, you should get better (more secure) cards.

It's an interesting question. What do you think?

That's nothing, I heard that there's places you can go and copy keys! Like, physical bits of metal ground in an exact replication of your key! Is there no level these unethical people will stoop to?

Name one "you can go" to and have them duplicate a DND key with no questions asked.

Here's one for starters.

Those 'DND' statements aren't worth anything, except a minor deterrent for honest people.

Thanks, I wasn't making a point, I just really needed one... ;)

A little place I like to call "all of them".

I have a key cutter that belonged to my father. You can buy them by the dozen on the net.

Just because its unethical it doesnt rule out that people will do it.

In fact, those that do it anyway are probably more along the lines of who you should worry about.

Is it unethical to copy keys? Even ones that say don't duplicate. I'd have to say it's not unethical. If you own that key and are able to duplicate by any means, ethical or not everyone's going to do it

Now they make keymark, medico and primus keys that can't be duplicated unless it's by an authorized vendor. Illegally duplicating one of these keys would be unethical because you would need to aquire laser cut blank, perhaps without the keyholders authorization.

That same reference goes hand in hand with prox and mifare EV1 / iClass SE cards with corporate 1000 or Aptiq equivalent.

Enuf said?