Avigilon New Micro Dome Mount Clever Or Ugly?

Avigilon has released factory mounts for their smallest camera (see: HD MicroDome). It is a pendant style mount:

Overall dimensions are about 3" diameter X 6" tall. The long housing is designed to hold the 'sending unit' connected to the dome:

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Here's another look at it:

I'm assuming there is a plate adapter to facilitate mounting flush to the ceiling with a 4S box as a foundation?

Looking at the unit alone, it could seem ugly. But it is a pendant mount that I would assume would most commonly be used on a pole hanging from the ceiling. I think it would look nice, on the end of a pole, as it is not much wider than the pole. So if this was above a checkout, it would look a lot better than the traditional style dome, on the end of a pole.

In the 'linked-to' picture the camera is shown mounted onto an electrical box hung from (presumably) from the ceiling. If the cover of the box was painted that wouldn't be too bad looking, and as noted, it provides a place to contain the power adaptor. The new housing offering does serve the purpose of giving the installer somewhere to place the POE adaptor, the external to the camera power circuitry, but an installer still needs to be inventive and come up with a way to then mount the camera regardless. I have worked with these cameras on display booths and was able to insert the power module down inside the squared tubing of the display frame. They do produce excellent pictures without any question. The only problem I had was that you could NOT mount it on a vertical surface and aim the camera to look 'straight-out' because the cable could not be squeezed between the camera and the back cover and thus prevented mounting the top cover. I resolved this by making a 1/2" diameter hole in the back cover to allow for the cable's bend. The power modules get VERY hot which may lead to life expectancy issues.