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Audio Problem Communicating With Remote User?

We have a need to be able to communicate with the store clerk remotely. The speaker on the camera isn't loud enough. We are using Geovision IP cams and NVR. Any ideas?

Offie, you mean the store clerk cannot hear what the remote person is saying, correct?

Also, what Geovision models? Do they just have a built in speaker or does it support an external speaker?

Hi John,

The store clerk needs to be able to hear what the remote person is saying. We are using Geovision VD2400 Domes and Geovision NVR. There is no model # other than GV-NVR. We are missing something in our configuration.

Hello Offie:

If I have the right model here:

How ware you using these ports presently? What is connected to them now?