IPVM ISC West Meetup - Thursday April 7 @ 9AM

I'm still finalizing location, but wanted to give those interested a heads-up.

We're going to do an informal meetup at ISC West on Thursday morning. The floor opens at 10AM, so we'll plan to meet from 9A-10A.

We'll find a spot that fits our group once I get a rough headcount. This isn't going to be an "event" with a presentation or hosted discussion, just a way for everyone to get together in person and talk/network for a bit.

This is open to any IPVM members - Manufacturers, Integrators, Consultants, End Users.

I created a survey for people to register. Please register here if you would like to attend and we will email followup details.

Glad I checked today on page 2, almost missed this.

Brian- Thursday the foot opens early for executive members- if you're not one you should be! Getting on the flow early last 2 days is only one of the benefits, club room is another.

im interested in the get together but I'll be on floor early before the crowd.

Getting on the flow early last 2 days is only one of the benefits

Getting on the floor with annoyed vendors who don't want to be there early is only one of the benefits.

Fixed if for ya.

Has a location been determined? I RSVP'd, but never got an email.....

Meet and Greet, what location?

Over near the Arecont booth? LOL

I haven't emailed out updates yet. Stay tuned, sorry for the delay.

Hi Brian, any news about the meetup ?

It would be the HIK and Avigilon booths if inside.

@U2 + U3, you poke fun but I'm not sure you're aware of the daunting task of insuring member safety given the topological constraints of the show floor exacerbated by the spate of recent manufacture directed negative reporting.

Take a look at this useful heat map to get a better idea of the dangers.

Green = Safe
Yellow = Likely to be annoyed
Orange = Defintely annoyed
Red = Avoid at all cost

Sure if we get to Uniview, we're in the clear but...

ok, I dont know who you are, but that is brilliant!

4, you're a madman!

How is Dahua only an orange though? :)

How is Dahua only an orange though? :)

It should be, but because the Dahuan market reaction is fundementally skewed, they cannot be "red", since this would indicate an appropriate level of awareness.

A highly complimentary article would probably be necessary here to push them into the "red".

Amber alert.

Safety Tips:

  1. travel in pairs
  2. stay on the path/don't "cut corners"
  3. if questioned reduce tension by claiming ISIS allegiance.

The best location for this appears to be in the hospitality area in the long hallway that leads to the main show entrance area.

John and I will be there at 9AM.

This is just an informal way for members to meet each other, share some feedback about the first day of the show and so forth.

We have about 70 people that responded with interest so hopefully we get a good turnout, see you then.

Looking forward to the meetup.

as much as Ive planned and tried to be there, Ive had a fire come up that I have had to deal with and there is not enough time for me to get over there.

I hope to meet you all in person someday, but doesnt look like this meet and greet will be the time.

If anyone does want to meet up later in the day, hit me up on twitter. @thearmandoperez especially if anyone wants to look at creating a 20 group or even an informal owners group to help each other grow, Im dying to get that going. I do have some info that someone is working on a formal version, he is a member here as well, but I dont know how much info he wants out there right now. Still having other owners to talk to about goals and problem solving and holding each other accountable would be invaluable to progress.

Sorry I couldnt pull it off, but the customers needs come first in this case.


Most likely won't be able to make it as well. Did the Security5K this morning and don't have enough time to get ready and make it back over by 9:00am... I will do my best and hopefully catch some of you around...

Pics or it didn't happen ;)

Did I miss the email, or it never happened?

It happened and got a couple of good pieces of information along the way. I think GPS coordinates would be helpful ;)

I think GPS coordinates would be helpful ;)

Admit it, you found everyone by thermal signature ;)

I will make sure this is better coordinated next year. It was nice talking to the members that did manage to make it.