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IP Controllers At The Door

Hello, aside from Infinias, are there any other IP based controllers that get installed at the door?

Hello Kendall:

There are several products in this segment. We've done updates on a number of them, including:

I hope this helps!

Aside from HID, Mercury has one of the only other open platform controllers, the EP1501. They also have the MR51e, which is not a controller (limited processing on board), but an Ethernet door interface. So you'd address multiple MR51e's back to an EP1501 for control.

On the proprietary side, most of the majors have a PoE controller, now, like Honeywell's NetAXS-123, and the S2 MicroNode.

Paxton Access has IP connected single door controllers that can be placed at doors. There's also Isonas who was making a big marketing push awhile back. I have not used either.

I have used Isonas IP based controllers/readers, but I found the management software clunky and poorly designed.

Sargent/Persona has a nice POE and a nice Wireless (wifi) IP-based lock. We have quite a few of each.

Disclaimer: I work at a university, not a manufacturer.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned ISONAS, they are pretty big in that regard.

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Open Options, based on the Mercury system