IP Cameras That Compilable With Honeywell LYNX Security System

Anyone know the list of compilable cameras that can be integrated with Honeywell LYNX security system? I believe their protocol is Z-wave.

Are you asking about cameras compatible with Honeywell Total Connect?

The Lynx panel is just a display console.

Here's a brochure for Total Connect cameras, which are fairly limited. However, there is an analog converter that allows use of non-proprietary analog cameras.

Yes, pretty limited.

And you don't see many wireless analog encoders out there...

Ouch, you need total connect service to use IP video?

Two of these cameras are rebranded Dahua.

From Honeywell's site:

Integrated video: System supports one camera, which can be displayed on the touchscreen. Works with compatible Honeywell Total Connect Video products only (iPCAM-PT, iPCAM-WO, iPCAM-WI2/B, ACU).

The Tuxedo keypad for their hardwired systems however:

Connect up to 32 MPEG4, H.264 or Onvif format IP cameras and view up to four cameras directly on the Tuxedo Touch display or locally on Wi-Fi enabled devices (check compatibility chart for specified cameras)

Thanks everyone for your comments.

I got one IPCAM (Honeywell camera) working as shown here on the panel. Yes, it's IP video with total connect service.

This, however, requires an extra Honeywell device named WAP-PLUS to connect their IPCAM into wifi network first. Not so thrilled about this setup nor the look/feel of IPCAM though. Will test some Dahua cameras later on and see how it goes. Their tech support mentioned about ACU too but we would really rather not go back to the analog world at this time.