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Take A Snapshot Of A Digitally Zoomed In Area Of Camera?

Hello everyone. I require an indoor IR IP camera for a reception where visitors are registered. The camera should be a cube camera or one that can be eaisily kept at a reception desk. The client will open the camera interface via a web browser, digitally zoom in at the face of the person and take a snapshot. Problem is that most IP cameras give digital zoom, but save the snapshot at the resolution set in the stream, taking a snap of the complete pic and not just the zoomed area which I require. I used the Axis 212PTZ and am sure all other panoramic cameras with digital zoom will provide this feature but sadly the 212PTZ is not feasable for a reception and also is not IR based and needs good lighting.

Can you reccomend a good relatively low priced IP camera with POE and IR, whose firmware allows saving only the digitally zoomed area. I beleive a 2 megapixel camera should give a decent zoomed in face capture for a person standing between 5 and 10 feet from the reception.

Abid, thanks for the clear explanation.

I don't know of a camera that does that (i.e., only take a snapshot of the digitally zoomed in area of a webpage) but I might have missed it as it is not something I have specifically looked for. Let's see if anyone has any ideas or experience.

One alternative is to use a screencap utility. For instance, on Macs you do cmd+shift+4 and then you can just drag and drop on the area you want. There are many Windows utilities / add ons that do this as well.

I was about to reply with the same comment :)

You'll have a hard time finding a camera that operates as you want, since the application is kind of different. But, there are a number of free and cheap software utilities that will let you do exactly what you want, and give you the flexibility to use whichever camera is best/cheapest/etc.

Then again, since digital zoom typically only sees a fraction of the camera's total pixels, wouldn't you get the same effect by cropping the full picture in a graphics editing program like Windows Paint and copying the result to a larger canvas?

I am guessing Abid wants a simple, single click solution. Abid?

Thank you all for your response :) The camera is being used on a thin client where only the browser interface is availible. I did suggest a screen grab but that would not be possible. I beleive there are some cube panoramic cameras with the zoom and snap feature and also most megapixel cameras have the digital zoom feature. The only thing which I cannot identify is whether the camera take a snap of the zoomed area or the entire image.

Single click or right click - > save image as or predefined folder

simple :)

Why not use a good quality web cam, that is what we use for mass interviews.

The client has specifically asked for a POE based network camera. Innitially we were using a webcam and life would have been so much eaisier had they not changed their requirements.

I would request members on this forum to test this feature on any type of IP camera which you might already have installed. If any camera's firmware has this feature its likely the same firmware feature should be availible for other cameras in that brand's product portfolio.

What about this lil' feller?

Its small and POE.  It might not save your digital zoom snapshot, buts its got 10x optical, with pan and tilt, so the picture can be framed and saved however you choose.  Whaddya think?