IP Cam Viewer (Matrix Style) For Desktop PC's

I have a client that wants 6 Axis cameras on a car lot. They have no need to record at anytime. But 5-6 office staffers should be able to watch a secondary computer monitor with a grid style layout of the cameras.

Has anyone have a recommnedation for something that they have used. I see some software from a google search but i was hoping to get a positve experience or an idea that i am not aware of.

You can use DW Spectrum for free as long as you don't need to record any of the camera feeds.

Jon, Would you still need to download the server and the client to the system?

Yes, but that can all be done with a single PC. The server portion is what allows you to connect to cameras. The client connects to a server.

Hello Jason

Axis actually has something that allows you to make viewer as you describe:

AXIS Media Control ActiveX component enables easy viewing of Motion JPEG, MPEG-4* and H.264* streams directly in Microsoft Internet Explorer and other ActiveX containers.

It is really very simple to make a Windows desktop application to display a number of Axis cameras in a grids-style fashion. You mention 6 cameras, but is easier to make something to display 4 camera (2 x 2) or 9 cameras (3 x 3) as you can device a FullHD 1920 x 1080 monitor into multiple windows with the same aspect ratio (16:9) If you display just 6 cameras, in the correct aspect ratio, you'll have a lot of unused pixels on your monitor (black bars)

I guess everyone in the CCTV world knows VLC Player.
Note that VLC https://www.videolan.org/ offers a similar ActiveX component that makes it easy to make small Windows desktops applications that display generic RTSP stream. The Axis cameras will also work with this.

You can use the mentioned ActiveX components in Microsoft Visual Studio, of which free versions are available: https://www.visualstudio.com/vs-2015-product-editions

Hope this helps,