Invisible IR On Home Cams: Good Idea?

Xiami pointed out that their new 2nd gen Yi home camera includes 940nm IR LEDs, which are invisible to the human eye, instead of 850nm, which emit the red glow we associate with infrared cameras.

Do you feel this is beneficial in cameras in the DIY/home market? Are there cases where the red glow has been an issue at home?

(Note that the model included in our test included 850, not 940nm.)

Overall, I'd expect to see more 940nm move into lower end cameras, home or not. "Our camera is invisible!" seems like the type of differentiator we'd be likely to see from the segment. Also, the cost difference for small IR arrays that would fit in these cameras is relatively small, not something to drastically drive up prices.

It's a good idea unless it is cost prohibitive or reduces performance.