Inventory Management Program

Hi guys,

What program are you all using for inventory management?

I'm using Quickbooks for my accounting.

I need something that will allow me to track what we have in inventory, where we bought it and what we paid for it.

Any ideas?

We just switched to Connectwise which can track inventory at our office and in the vans. Plus we can track also the devices as they are installed at the customer's sites.


Obviously you don't have to give an exact price but is ConnectWise expensive for a smaller company? Can you give a range of what it would cost depending on options?

I looked into it briefly but never went any further. I figured it looked to good to be affordable.

I use alarmwin/Alarm7, and Pursuit, shared parts database, accepted proposals can be imported into purchase orders and assigned to invoicing and parts are tracked to the client account.

We use RedBeam. It works for us, but I don't really have any comparative experience.