Intransabrand Re-Emerges With A Trade Mag Ad

A few people asked me recently about our favorite failed surveillance manufacturer Intransa, err IntransaBrand.

Well, they have an ad on page ~152 of September's SDM:

CSC and PSA must be real proud to be associated with them, though it's weird to call it the 'original' given that it's more of a zombie, back from the dead.

Ahhhh it burns my eyes! Get it away!

Seriously, really? The same look? 1000's of succesful project? I want the full list of "successful projects" lol

I have never seen people so vainly committed to a basically worthless idea.

How can you say it's worthless? I mean, they OEM a Dell server, install windows, and then they make some registry edits and, er, um, nevermind.....

Secret sauce!!! :)

Also, Viakoo (i.e., IntransaBrand) is sponsoring SecuringNewGround, an event where manufacturers tell each other how wonderful they are.

Correction. They OEM a Supermicro Server.

I think it's Hitachi now, but in fairness, (1) who can keep track and (2) does it even matter.

I remember our first Intransa box that one of our clients "insisted" we buy on his behalf because the Intransa Rep got to him. Our VMWare Engineer (with more letters after his name than I can remember) took a look in it and just laughed. if I remember correctly he said they were using a freeware verion of the VMWare or something like that. Then I told him how much it cost and he about spit his coffee out. The thing has been an absolute disaster since it was installed.