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Intelligent Security Systems VMS - Anybody Familiar With Them?

Is anybody here familiar with Intelligent Security Systems VMS platform or have any experiences, good or bad? From their website, it looks like they have a VMS along with analytics, LPR and shipping container and train carriage recognition which is really interesting. I hadn't heard of them until a customer mentioned them recently. Please share any experience you have with them.

We have an overview post on ISS here.

Many people say they are big in Latin America. They recently said they were planning to expand in the US. I don't know enough to comment on the product.

I believe they are a split from the original Axxon soft, as 10 years ago they had the city of Moscow account. They still have deep roots in Russia. When it comes to "unique" analytics, they customize the name of an algorithm to a specific task. For example the contanier reading is just OCR, the "hard hat" algorithm is really color analytics. So end-users think they are making something just for them. Many branches of their product make it difficult to support internally.