Who Handles Renewing Service Contracts At Your Integrator?

I have worked at multiple integrators, each with different processes (or lack thereof) for quoting and maintaining yearly service contracts. In some cases the original account manager/outside sales rep was responsible for quoting it every year. In others, there was a dedicated outside sales rep that only sold and maintained service contracts. I've also seen it handled by an inside sales rep, who works with the Service Manager to quote the support.

There are a ton of variables when quoting service contracts: hardware support and liability, software maintenance renewal quotes from manufacturers, and response time SLAs. We have a report that covers a lot of these details: IPVM Surveillance Service Contracts

But what it doesn't look into is the significant amount of sales/service staff required to maintain and quote renewals every year, which can take a few hours per renewal even for a relatively small system (32-50 cameras). If an integrator has 100 accounts, that could easily be 300-400 hours worth of time every year. So not a full time position in that case, but a full day worth of work per week year round. (Not to mention large system renewals that can easily take a couple days).

Who handles this at your company?

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