Integration Of Access Control With Intruder Alarm For Disarming The Alarm And Access Premises

Hi all,

I have a question and I would like to clarify this once and for all.

We have a project where client is asking us to install and program the intruder alarm and access control to be integrated in which the access control has to give a pulse to the alarm (Keyswitch zone) to disarm the intruder alarm completely (Full premises) while the access control give access to the needed doors. Bear in mind that this is a commercial site.

Do the above make any sense and does this comply with the En50131? I can't find any information on this. I am trying to avoid any issues when it comes to certification and documentation to handover to client.



What EN50131 risk grade does the site need to be compliant to?

For instance, this Zoneguard unit is compliant up to grade 3, medium to high risk:

Are you going to just trigger a relay, or do you intend to pass detail information to be logged in the alarm system?

There's a good discussion here about that:

Do You Set Up Your Access Control Systems To Arm And Disarm The Intrusion System Too?

It is not going to be integrated via a digital protocol ex. Wiegand, Modbus or RS485. It is going to be integrated analogue via a relay output wired to a zone configured as a key switch zone.

I am bit concerned about this, if the client had to leave the card unattended, a false card can be replaced with the original one or the card can be copied (contact less) and it will be very easy for someone has the complete access without notice or log. The system will log only the Disarm time via a keyswitch zone and no other information such as user name or other identification will be logged in.

As for the alarm I am going to use the LightSYS2 and for the access control Paxton Net2.



Hi Karim,

Does this site already have the access control or the alarm system? Why are you wanting to do a low-level integration (I wouldn't even call this an integration - it is more of a simple "interfacing" or "interconnection" between the 2 systems).

There exists a number of high-level integrated or unified access control/alarm products on the market that are extremely powerful and don't require any kind of interlinking of relays with keyswitch inputs.

Honestly, this type of interfacing is how things were done 30 years ago and has nothing but disadvantages. Today's modern integrated systems incorporate both access control and alarm in a very simple and powerful single user interface. The alarm and the access are closely linked and they share common features (such as: "don't unlock the doors if the Partition inside the doors is armed and the User does not have the rights to disarm the Partition." OR: "during the day, when the Partition is inside the doors is disarmed, allow entering with card only...during the night when the inside Partition is armed, require that the User present his card and also enter a code on the keypad/reader").

I see above that you have chosen the products but it makes no sense to me, in 2016, that if your customer's requirement is "access control and alarm integration " that you would go with 2 separate systems who don't talk to each other. Your customer would be better served by using products that were designed for this function.