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Installing Surveillance On Archaeological Sites

People won't stop streaking at Machu Picchu so they're installing 12 surveillance cameras. Does anyone here have experience installing at archeological or protected sites that they can share? I'll be interviewing someone who does this later this week or next week too if you have any questions for them.

I do not understand how adding surveillance cameras will repel attention stunts like streaking.

Stick a few angry guards with batons at the top. Now that's a solution.

Studies show a few extremely politely worded signs can have better results than threatening behavior in many cases...

Better might be a picture of a frightened baby squirrel and a caption that reads "Please don't streak around here, this is a family neighborhood."

One question for them: Was it worth it?

Tedor, Im guessin the them that Carlton is referring to is to a protected site installer, not an actual streaker, although I suppose it could be another installment of mr Purvis' series "From the other side of the law...", which personally are my favorites.

So since no one has experience at an archeological site, does anyone have questions for the guy I'm interviewing?

Ask if laser grid cross-beam perimeter intrusion systems like featured in this thread, are actually deployed in real life. Ask if dummy cameras are ever used. And most importantly, regarding these newly installed streakcatcher type cameras at Machu Picchu, ask him if this a rare case of when motion blur is actually preferred... ;)