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Ingersollrand Pegasys - Good Or Bad?

Has anyone ever used Pegasys access control systems from IngersollRand? If so, what is your take on it?


Pegasys is a traditional RS-485 wired EAC system, but since it is marketed toward the EMEA markets, it isn't seen too commonly in the US.

For example, the locksets are designed to work with 'european profile' hardware in contrast to the US-standard Mortise and Rim type locks. This may limit application, based on matching keyways with existing locks.

Also, the 'wireless' locksets use the Zigbee protocol, which means buying additional radios to support any wireless deployments.

If you are looking to specify a new system with all new locking hardware, it might be a good choice.

However, there are other options for 'retrofit' access control systems that perform as well and integrate easier with other EAC and Security systems. I would expect there are less expensive options, too, but I do not have a current pricebook.