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Inexpensive Way Of Upgrading DVRs

I normally deal with IP systems so I am not that familar with anaolog DVR's. I have a customer that wants to upgrade two old 16 channel pelco DVRs. What is a good inexpensive option? I ran the numbers and it is probalby not worth it to use converters to make the units IP capable. The user wants to be able to have remote viewing, and a mobile app is a plus but not needed.


So the analog DVR does not have remote viewing or a mobile app? I am trying to understand what is motivating the change?

It currently has remote but not an app. It is a large 5 year old system and for some reason they decided to upgrade it. I think what got them thinking is I put in an IP system in a different one of their locations. I explained that upgrading the DVR wont help the quality, but maybe they want the features that the NVR has.

And let me correct my first post, I think the DVR is a Speco DVR.

I like the Bosch Divar-5000 series. Relatively cheap, pretty easy to set up, looks good, has a very decent app.

Alternatively, the Digital Watchdog VMAXFlex series is pretty decent, too. Setup is less intuitive but the software is more flexible. iPhone app is actually a little more reliable.

Full disclosure: I sell both of these products, but of course you're free to buy it wherever.

Ari, roughly speaking, how much do 16 channel DVRs like that go for?

For the lower end commercial grade stuff, $700-$1,300 on a 16 channel, 1TB, 30FPS@D1 DVR, and that's been trending downward.

For the consumer grade stuff, $500 to $800, with varying levels of suckiness.

Axis had a new 16 channel encoder out for integrator costs of about $1100 (M7016). This makes it $75 to convert analog to IP. Most VMS charge per stream, but Exacq only requires 4 licenses for this device (not yet approved but you can use RTSP or ONVIF), bringing it to <$120 per channel plus the workstation/server (2 TB Windows 7 i3 with SSD OS drive about $700). Beware of coaxitron type control for PTZ cameras, since this would require a protocol translator. Integrator cost of $2000 for IP solution to replace a $6000 original integrator cost DX8100/Intellix-500 GB with room to expand for more IP cameras. (Of course, Pelco/AD charged you an extra $2000 for 2 TB of storage over 500 GB). (Hikvision 2 TB DVRs are about $1000 integrator cost and have decent software/apps and come with extra SATA cables for expanded storage. Beware, they only allow 24 video streams total via all remote clients connected)