Industrial 3G/4G Modem/Routers

I'm looking for Industrial 3G/4G modem (or router). I did google & found few. I'd like to get any first hand usage experiences & recommendations. Do share. Thanks.

B&B Electronics is a really good company for industrial communication equipment. I haven't used their cellular products, but I have specified other products from them many times and trust them to make reliable equipment and to provide good support.

Sierra Wireless is one of the BIG names in this space. Law Enforcement has been in love with the GX440 for about a decade now. Build like a tank. The configuration page is a little rough to make your way though, but not terrible.

Cradle point is a consumer level product that is moving into a harder space. They have some more industrial stuff now.. the IR650 I think is the number. I've used them. I like them.

Moxa makes rugged industrial hardware.

Redlion Sixnet, Digi wan connect and Microhard are also good choices.