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Hi John and all, I'm trying to point out the weak points of the IDIS Direct IP offerings. Their website information makes it out like they have absolutely no downfalls and that can't be true. Can you look into it and possibly point out some of their weak points.

(edit: found a better picture than Jon Stewart looking terrified...)

Matt, nicely summed up. One manufacturer asking to criticize another and the other saying they have none. IPVM has jumped the shark.

(1) If you are a manufacturer, have the professionalism not to ask specifically to criticize a rival. Simply ask for information (we will provide pros and cons)

(2) If you are the manufacturer who is the target, contact us, do not respond on the site.

We will take a deeper look at Direct IP but from their solution overview it is yet another packaged VMS/IP camera combo that automatically detects and connects their products. It's not a bad tactic though as Avigilon, among others, have demonstrated that easy to use packages are especially attractive to those in the low to mid market moving to IP (and the complexities a fully open system bring).

Beyond that, IDIS is certainly spending a fair amount of money marketing it and have chosen a clear marketing term.

Btw, IDIS has a number of brands - Hitron, Matrix, HDPro, Revo - across the world.

"One manufacturer asking to criticize another and the other saying they have none. IPVM has jumped the shark."

For the benefit of those not so internet-meme-savvy, the picture indicates one kicking back with some popcorn to watch the show... :0)

All else notwithstanding... EVERYTHING has weak points. I'm stunned that there haven't been a couple dozen replies laughing openly at IDIS over this "we have no weak points!" claim. I mean, let's be honest, that statement is just plain silly.

In fairness, most people are like "Who the hell is IDIS?" They've spent heavily marketing in the UK recently but in the rest of the world they are fairly unknown.

Really? I know they've been around for a long time - the first DVR I ever worked with (probably about 2001) was an IDIS Capture (IDR-2016 model, I think?) - Win98-based thing. Dealt with a number of them over the years... also pulled a couple HISCO-branded machines out of sites that looked like they were running the same system. I recall at one time, they were a staple of the local Burtek (before ADI took over).

It was a decent system, really - in other threads, when I've alluded to systems that pre-allocate all their hard drive space as "banks" to be filled with video... the IDIS Capture IDR systems are what I was referring to. Still, they definitely had weak points ;)

Or maybe they were just more prevalent here in the colonies :)

"If you are a manufacturer, have the professionalism not to ask specifically to criticize a rival. Simply ask for information (we will provide pros and cons)."

Please provide the pros and cons of IDIS Direct IP.

Con #1: the apparently think they're perfect. To quote Winton Marsalis: "The humble improve."

Morning all...

@ John: Indeed DirectIP is a protocol for our product line-up to accommodate automatic detection, connection and setup.

IDIS was and still is a large OEM /ODM manufacturer for DVR products. Within the IDIS Group we also have a camera manufacturer “HDPro”. But to correct you John..Hitron is not one of our brands, is our partner for global OEM sales on DVR’s.

We as IDIS have a long history and partnerships with large manufacturers around the globe. Providing them the best possible DVR packages under there own OEM label.

@ Matt: Let’s put is like this…”no weak points is what we working on constantly“, sure there will be some in the eyes of others, it’s impossible to have 100% satisfaction for all J

Capture is one of those brands that was OEM, Richardson was that company, later stage Burtec….etc.

@ Osama (undisclosed manufacturer): We provided all pro’s on our website. So if you can provide us with all con’s we will publish them as well !

We are striving to accomplish a product line-up that is suited for all, we are not perfect, nobody is. We always listen to the feedback provided by our oem’ers, installers and end users.

We are having the first US training session next week and have been testing IDIS for 9 months and love the offering. Not the cheapest solution, but a solid one. We are a large Avigilon integrator, but also have distribution across the US and looking for an option in the plug and play world when we started talking to IDIS last year. We do have stock in house now. Biggest downfall are the encoders which use up the licenses on the NVR they are not 1 for 4 or 1 for 8. We saw the TVI in our office two weeks ago and it actually blew our minds how clear and smooth it was.

C, when you mention TVI, do you mean IDIS is offering TVI, as in HDTVI?

Dear John, Yes also IDIS is investigating and adding the TVI to its program. When all is in place we will release a press event. During the show at ISC West you will have the oppertunity to see the products in action.

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