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Ideas Needed For Recording Monitor Feed On A Genetec System

Casino needs a suitable solution for recording a monitor feed on a Genetec SC deployment.


- operator workstation has three monitors, all three must be recorded in SC as independent feeds at 30 frames

- must be able to watch the feeds live from another workstation using SC at 30 frames

We have tried:

- Epiphan encoders. Worked great until Epiphan rewrote their code and broke the Genetec integration. Now there are gaps in recorded video, failed Gaming Board requirements.

- Marshall encoders with splitters. Works as per requirements above until operator shuts down / restarts workstation. Then Windows (bios) does not recognize the monitor and the monitors will not reconnect unless we disconnect and reconnect hardware. We set a group Windows policy to prevent shut down/ restart, but this is only a very temp solution.

Running out of ideas quickly....

Kramer VM-73 plus your preferred video encoder with composite BNC input should do the trick. That Kramer unit is complete overkill but it's heavy duty kit, will give you almost unlimited input options in case you have VGA or HDMI/DVI video cards, and I don't know of a different Kramer model that offers the flexibility you might need. It probably wouldn't hurt to contact them directly,but hopefully that helps and simplifies things for you.