Ideas For Webinars?

We are going to start a new "Weekly Webinar" series. I am looking for some ideas for topics. A key consideration is broad appeal. Since it takes time to prepare a webinar, it's important that it addresses topics that many people would be interested in.

Here are some I am fairly confident that will do so:

  • Low Light Video Surveillance
  • Calculating Bandwidth / Storage for Surveillance (we did this recently)
  • Tools You Should Be Using
  • Emerging Products You Should Check Out
  • Selecting (Cameras / VMS / Access Control / etc.)
  • Top Trends This Month / Quarter / Year

What else would you suggest?

Based on strong interest in our IPVMU Access Control Fundamentals class, we will anticipate doing a session on 'Credentials'.

Although it is not easy at all, but I would like to see some technical comparision about SAN storage such as DDN and Isilon. Also, I would like to see technocal comparison between the VMS's and also the video analytics such as face recognition.

We can do posts on SAN comparisons (it's a good idea) but a comparison is probably too niche for a webinar. I don't really know what to say about face recognition as there does not appear to be any real breakthroughs being claimed (outside of iomniscient who I do not find trustworthy).

As for the VMSes, that's definitely a top priority over the next 6 months.

Thanks. As an example, if you need video analytic vender which one you will choose? The companies in my head right now are Ganetec, ipsotek, and iomniscient.

I would like to see some soposticated comparison in this field as well as the storage and I will not mind if this will be for premium subscription.

Tariq, please start a new discussion and we can discuss. Let's keep this on webinars.

Couple come to mind (you will note that these are design oriented)

1. Evaulation of camera placement

2. Design based camera selection

3. Lighting for image quality

4. How to specify IP Video Systems (using standard CSI formats and language).

I think a session covering the basics of CSI Masterformat and other spec formats is a good idea!

How about some integration examples: connecting a speaker to a camera, a PTZ to an access control unit, serial communication over Ethernet, access control to a gate...etc.

My suggestions:

1) Encrypting storage and network transmission: what are the current techniques out there? How can we protect confidentiality?

2) Watermarking for video surveillance

3) Ergonomic considerations in CCTV control rooms: how many videos should an operator view? how long should he/she surveil them? Amongst others...

Wanna have some fun? How about going through RAID setup: Initialization, Logical Disks, LUN mapping, etc.

Not to get too gimmicky, but I think a session addressing 'common surveillance myths' is useful. Endusers have some crazy ideas about what is available in the market because of the 'CSI Effect'. A publically available webinar would be useful for integrators and consultant to recommend endusers watch during sales efforts.

I think it would be useful to have a webinar that shows the real extent of digital zoom, impact of angle of incidence, The FoV/PPF tradeoff, how facial recognition 'really' works, and so on.

what do you think about best practices in regards to applications in the field such as cabling, termination, equipment mounting etc.

Cable management? The before and after pictures are entertaining..