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Icampro Claims More Computational Power Than Any Other IP Camera!

From Amaryllo comes this wireless 1080P, auto-tracking PTZ with free Cloud Storage.

Claiming a beefy CPU to provide real-time tracking like no other cam...

Here's the blurb:

With multiple motion sensors, no matter where the intruders appear in your home, iCamPRO can immediately rotate itself to capture the intruders in seconds. Real-time object tracking is an expensive technology that is available only in military or professional surveillance systems. Amaryllo is the first company to realize it with a compact design for your home or office at an affordable price.

Amaryllo is also the first company to offer free cloud storage to consumers. Through the application, you can link your Google Drive with your camera. Although the video is stored in your drive, you can manage and access them right through the app. This saves you time and energy when searching for your video.

Here's the video:

$150 now thru kickstarter and shipping in May, supposedly.

FWIW Amaryllo is no stranger to IP camera firsts. For instance this unit, available today at Fry's, is possibly the most colorful and patriotic IP camera out there, at any price! It simply has no competition in the Rubik's Cube Camera form factor category, a situation unlikely to change...

With regards to computational power, seems like a really silly claim to make. How many consumers really care about tech spec? And it is almost certainly not actually true.

That part of the pitch is for the kickstarter crowd. They demand to be blown away by technology before they will start kicking.

On the other hand, the free Cloud storage thru Google Drive, is to my knowledge, a novel concept. Is anybody else doing free cloud recording that you are aware of?

For me the question is, do we really want a camera that follows us around all the time?

And for those of us in the hoi polloi, do we really want to spend twice the price for that feature.

Like consumer PTZs in the past, I suspect the main application is entertainment / personal use.

Feeling no love for the iCamPro, eh? Are you familiar with it's predecessor, iCam360 HD, shipping now? (Shown above in U.S. patriotic, other colors/nationalities available.)

Could give your precious Dropcam a run for its money, no?

  • Both have free live viewing
  • Both have HD streaming to cloud (720P)
  • Both have Two-way audio
  • Both have Motion detection alerts

iCam360 HD Advantages

  • 360 deg remote pan/tilt
  • $38 cheaper
  • Local recording thru SD card
  • Free basic cloud Recording

DropcamPro HD Advantages

  • Magic wand Enhance mode
  • May be able to stream 1080P someday
  • Product was not initially suggested by me
  • please add more

I'm not suggesting that the 360 cam's advantages clearly outweigh Dropcam's, and I may be missing some from both columns, but it's a worthy opponent, I believe.

Aside: if the "us in the hoi polloi" remark was meant to exclude myself, may I remind you that the term "hoi polloi" is functionally defined as "people who can't define the term hoi polloi", so therefore the statement self-negates.