IC Realtime Claims To Sell 50% More Cameras Than Axis...

The catch? In units, including analog.

Still is it likely to be true?

They don't say that they are number one though, why not?

Who is number one?

Edit: just saw that this Ad originally ran in 2012.

I'll see if they have updated the chart since...

It's from the 2012 CE Pro 100 Brand analysis, not that anyone I know cares about it. Basically they are saying home automation dealers like them more than Axis. Maybe true but I doubt Axis really cares or that it matters in the greater scheme of things.

Where do they claim it is in units?

Home automation guy sent it to me without a link. I found it in the magazine link I gave above...

Where do they claim it is in units?

*CCTV CAMERAS up the left side.