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I Want To Use UDP For My IP Cameras

I am told UDP is better for video (also see here).

What do IP cameras normally use? Can I force it to UDP? How much better will my video look?

Each manufacturer is different in how/if they let you choose the protocol, and what their default is.

The video won't per say look better; it may be a litter smoother when used on an internal network. UDP doesn't wait for a response to make sure all of the packets make it, so it can't resend in case of a dropped packed. That is why UDP is recommended for internal, stable networks. When going over the internet, etc., then TCP is recommended.

Panasonic cameras, for example default to UDP on port 32004 on the Image menu. If you want TCP, you can enable "Internet Mode", which is RTSP over HTTP, which is TCP.

I have seen times that enabling TCP can fix issues when the network or the connection isn't the best...

Make sure that your VMS is compatible with the chosen protocol as well.

Some DVR/NVRs also let you choose the protocol, so you can have the cameras streaming on the LAN in UDP, then send the video out to the remote view client in TCP or UDP as needed...