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I Did Not See This Camera In The Finder

I was at our courthouse today an noticed they put up some new panoramic cameras. I couldn't take a picture like I normally do since they have a new policy about cell phones upon entering. I didn't recognize it. I went to the camera finder and I couldn't find it. I just did a Google search and found it was the Evolution 360 from Pelco which seems to be available through a partnership with Oncam Grandeye. The installation looks nice; being able to terminate inside the enclosure. Are they any good? They seem to be using them as general overview and being that it is rather difficult to run cable through that building it makes sense as long as that was all that was expected.

Should they be in the finder? I had 80 cameras when I chose panoramic as my only criteria.


Thanks. We have not added in any cameras from Oncam Grandeye.

They were one of the first into panoramic cameras (e.g., here's a test we did on Oncam over 5 years ago). For whatever reason, they never really capitalized on that early start.

There appear to be 4 Pelco Oncam models. Derek will add them in on Monday.


The Pelco Oncam panoramic cameras have been added. You will note that 4 have been included.

Thank you for the feedback!