I Am So Confused Samsung....


I just bought a new SNOL-6013R this came inside of it....

I really wonder how long this can go on....

UPDATE: Confused no more, Samsung Losing Its Name and Integrity.

Oh no!

It's coming....

I don't understand what is confusing ? Can you please explain Eddie.

And John, I couldn't understand to your reply too.

" Oh no! It's coming.... "

That the Samsung brand is going away for Techwin surveillance products.


How does it matter, its just the name on the device.

"just the name on the device"

But that's the whole business model of Honeywell, no? :)

In all seriousness, brand is not everything but you should know better than us how much more prestige the Samsung name carries vs the Hanwha one.

In North America, I believe Techwin would be severely damaged if they lost the Samsung brand.

I do agree with you.

But if techwin continues as like they were under Samsung brand, down the line 1-2 years then even after the logo changes trust will be maintained.

"down the line 1-2 years then even after the logo changes trust will be maintained."

Certainly, execution is important. Not many Americans buy Hikvision because of their brand, right?

On the other hand, the Samsung brand carries a lot more respect / weight from the average buyer, so if they see Hikvision or Vivotek vs Samsung, and everything else is close, chances are they choose Samsung, as their positive experience with other Samsung products makes them feel safer. On the other hand if it is Hanwha vs Hikvision, that trust / goodwill is lost.

It's just a name. Hmmmmm. Lucky Goldstar or LG? Which appliance will I spend big dollars on.

Of course LG product offering, if you don't know Goldstar.

But if you know Goldstar was Apple Inc earlier and so the Goldstar's product offering is the same one with Apple Inc , don't mind investing on a product of Goldstar.

If its a investment option then you must think LG.

I have no idea how this is related and what this comment is trying to say. Why are we talking about Apple and a 20 year old lucky gold star brand in this thread.... They have nothing to do with the original comment about having both Samsung and Hanwha on the material. It is just plains confusing to people when there are two brands without clear messaging and communication to the customers. All I hear is that samsung techwin will continue to brand itself as Samsung, but we get deceiving materials like this that question their words. Maybe it's better to educate the market on who Hanwha is instead of hiding it.


Lucky goldstar (Ex. An unknown company) vs LG just an example to compare in future Hanwa Techwin (Lucky Goldstar) Vs Samsung Techwin ( Apple Inc) ( When Samsung brand name will be replaced with Hanwha logo on all products ).

Point here both trying to argue is which product to invest, an unknown company or Samsung.

If down the line 2-3 years when Samsung techwin products , Samsung logo will be replaced with Hanwha logo, as in 2-3 years time customers are aware as Hanwha Techwin products are nothing but Samsung Techwin products, so there should not be a confusion of logo on the appliance. Because irrespective of the logo the products will be same.

In Korea at least, it matters:

“Some people think becoming a ‘Hanwha Man’ from ‘Samsung man’ is just a matter of name change. But trust me, it is more than just that,” a worker from Samsung Techwin said on condition of anonymity...

“One of the reasons why I want to get into Samsung is so that my parents can boast about their daughter becoming part of the No. 1 conglomerate.”

“Am I a Samsung employee or Hanwha employee? My family just celebrated my new job but the good news just turned bad,” a newly employed worker at Samsung Techwin wrote on Sungkyunkwan University’s student website after the acquisition.

its making fun of the gray way samsung and hanwha are handling the sale of "samsung techwin" I have seen something similar to this before.

you just keep ordering the same parts / cameras and getting what you have order untill one day the box changes and instead of "samsung techwin" you get "hanwha techwin". of course then you argue with your distributor/ point of sale and they then inform you that they have been bought out and it the same stuff.

unfortunately your trust is shaken at that point and you start to be more judge mental than usual and all of the little problems you didnt notice or didnt seem to mind suddenly become a big deal.

Both samsung and hanwha need to handle this better than they are handling it because it doesnt matter what they have legally, it matters what the customers/ installers think no matter how informed they may or may not be. if they think something shady going on whether they understand it or not they will just abstain from the products entirely.

Eddie, good explanation. And I can see that as well, even without the full migration to Hanwha, documentation that says Hanwha can be confusing.

Absolutely. End of the day customers sentiment and trust makes the difference.

If I say to my boss, "We are going to go with Samsung." I will have no questions, issues or push back. If I tell him "We are going to go with Hanwha Techwin." I will have a fight on my hands before I can even explain anything.

Put another way, the spell check on here has no issue with Samsung but marks both Hanwha and Techwin as being spelled wrong. I think that says more about name recognition than anything else we can discuss.

When selling to your average US client, the Samsung brand holds value, where the name Hanwha has never been heard by a large majority, if not the entire country. I had never heard of the company until they bought Techwin. So, yeah, there will be a big difference in the US.

I would like to see them emulate Lenovo in their transition. IBM played the "Toughbook" name really hard. When Lenovo took over, they continued the "Toughbook" tradition, with Lenovo in the background. Over the course of several years, the Lenovo name became more and more reputable, and now no one says "wait, that's not an IBM?".

Play up the "WiseNet" name while it's still Samsung, play it very aggressively. "WiseNet, by Samsung" --> just "WiseNet" --> "WiseNet by Hanwha" --> "Hanwha WiseNet".

Toughbook is a Panasonic product. I think you are referring to Thinkpad.

That's what I get for trying to think on a Sunday....

...now no one says "wait, that's not an IBM?"

Except J.D.

Samsung cameras I've seen are ok but not stellar. Not sure why you want to hang onto the brand. P.s. the 14 names inside the Allegion card reader box also was confusing.

More Confusion.

Samsung Sans Techwin?

Interesting article in Wired about the "republic of Samsung". As, far as the magazine is concerned CCTV cameras are still Samsung in Korea.

It is well known that Europeans can handle the "truth" about actual ownership better than Americans. From the Samsung Techwin Europe LinkedIn page:

Part of of Hanwha Techwin, Samsung Techwin Europe offers robust and reliable video surveillance products designed to meet the current and future needs of security professionals. Our cameras, video recorders and other IP network devices are built to exacting standards which reflect the heritage of precision engineering associated with the Samsung brand.

Edit: No Hanwha mention on Europe site as well.

My god, there must be 5 different sites, in English.

Confused no more, Samsung Losing Its Name and Integrity.

Eddie thanks for finding this before Hanwha even officially announced it! Obviously this was coming for some time.