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IP 66 Box Enclosure / 65 C Max Temperature / Sandstorm

Any option other than Bosch.

I will do some research, is this for a fixed or PTZ camera? I am assuming 65 degrees C.

Videotec has a couple of IP66/67 PoE fixed housings that go to up 60 degrees C that come close.

Thanks for your support, it is for a fixed camera. I found it surprising that only Bosch got it.

Trying to get 65 degrees C rating with a standard housing with a blower is the hard part. Dotworkz S-Type Cooldome is IP67 rated at ~63C, which is close. Moog/Videolarm has a Fusion housing which is IP66 for 60 degrees C with spikes up to 74C.

An Italian company, Ermes, has a camera housing that they claim is rated to 80C, but their data sheet is very short on details, no IP rating is listed. It appears that dehydrated air lines need to be connected to it.

Tecnovideo makes an air-cooled housing that uses vortex cooling tube technology for industrial applications over 65C, but I think this might be outside of the realm of what you are looking for and external air lines are also required. They also offers liquid cooled IP67 rated stainless steel housings.

Here's one interesting Linear camera housing that uses a Peltier thermoelectric cooler. However, it gives no indication of any temperature ratings in their data sheet, which I found strange.

If it wasn't for IP cams the ambient temp wouldn't get so high in the housing. I find that manufacturers of camera housings never get their housings temperature tested especially in terms of using Ip cameras which as we all know can give of significant amounts of heat. Getting camera housings for high temps in harsh environments is a real challenge as I have found down here is Oz.

My issue with using enclosures with thermoelectric cooling is that the cooling fan is exposed to the elements which is usually a harsh environment and doesn't last long unless one has regular routine maintenance. My experience is to use an IP67 enclosure that is pressurised with Nitrogen (also keeps moisture out) like the Pelco EH8100 series and then find a camera thats rated really high like the new Moxa cameras -40 to +75. Moxa

I was looking at the Pelco EH8100 housing while researching this, but according to their data sheet, it only is rated up to 50 degrees C. Although if you had a high temp camera, that might make a difference. I'm not sure what camera Samuel plans to use.

Thank you for the replies, I have now multiple options to work with.. :)