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I Am Looking For A Good List Of Analog License Plate Capture Cameras, Preferably Ones That Can Go IP


I have been looking around for solid candidates to replace our old license plate capture cameras with newer devices, preferably ones capable of going IP. (We are moving our network that direction, in sections rather than en masse. Read up on the "shootout" from this year, but it seems that those product lines are not offered in analog, where we will be operating in the the near term.

Any ideas?

Rob Lewis

Hi Rob, I do not know analog LPC terribly well but I did spend sometime this summer looking for different options. The Digital Watchdog analog LPC camera appeared promising - not too expensive and had a 6 to 50mm varifocal for adjusting to different distances.

I am sure there are others. Let's see what else people say.

What do you mean capable of going IP? Are you saying an IP camera with analog outputs?