How Well Do Ubiquiti Mounts Hold Up?

Some integrators I've spoken to have started to use Ubiquiti, but they have doubts as to the longevity of the mounts/housings, since they're all (generally) made of plastic, not metal.

For example, the NanoBeam has a pretty clever ball joint mount which is really simple to aim:

The question is how well these pole mounts last after years exposed to direct sunlight and freezing temperatures.

In setting up for our upcoming Ubiquiti test, it does strike me as a possible failure point, as most manufacturers (wireless, camera, otherwise) generally make outdoor mounts out of metal.

So, the question: what has everyone's experience been with Ubiquiti's plastic mounts holding up over extended periods? Any failures? Or is this simply a non-issue?

The Nanostations don't really come with a mount. They have 2 wire ties in the box to strap it to a pole or other mount you custom make. The Nanobeams have the new mount like you posted which is really nice. The Rockets don't come with a mount either but the antennas that go with them do.

The only mounts we have had issues with are these as they rust as soon as you take them out of the box. I recommend not using these.

Though the houses do fade we haven't had any issues with using them for 5+ years.

We have used the nano station window/wall mount on several projects in the past 6 months... i suppose only time will tell how well they hold up... all the installs we have used them on are in remote locations where they are subject to extreme heat and cold... i liked using them vs. a satellite mast because they disappear behind the nano station...

We have used the NanoBeam in multiple installations where price point was a major concern. The ball joint does pose some concerns due to expansion/contraction of the plastic. That said, we have had several units installed from winter through summer without issue. I would recommend monitoring signal strength on any type of outdoor mount to catch antenna drifting prior to losing the link.