How The Chinese Stop Foreign Rivals

Many IPVM discussions reach the reasonable point that Hikvision will do whatever they want in the USA and internationally with no counter.

Ironically, China treats Western companies coming into their domestic market much differently.

From Reuter's What investors can learn from Uber’s bumpy ride in China, some key takeaways:

  • "Didi founder Cheng Wei said in a speech last year that Tencent founder Pony Ma told him to “annihilate” Kalanick"
  • "Tencent “blocked” Uber China’s WeChat accounts, cutting off a powerful mainland marketing tool."
  • "Taobao, which claims to have zero tolerance for fakes, seemed less hurried to delete fake accounts for Uber than for Didi."
  • "The publication in July of new national regulations on ride-hailing apps which, while legalizing them, made it illegal to provide rides below cost, which had been the effect of paying drivers more than the fares. In other words, Uber had to stop what was essentially “dumping.” So did Didi, but with its much greater scale it could effectively price Uber out of existence because it would be difficult for Uber to legally match Didi’s lower price for the commodity of a car ride."
  • "Now that Uber is the certified “loser” of the price war, don’t be surprised if the deal never closes, or if it closes on terms worse for Uber’s investors than announced. China’s antitrust regulator, which said last week that the companies had not yet applied for permission to merge, could kill the deal, which would put a weakened Uber back in a cash burning solo operation instead of a face- and cash-saving merger with Didi."
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