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How Should Government Enforce Electronic Security ?

Hi All,

Is there any set pattern / policy of goverments for enforcing Electronic Security & cctv with its merits in public & private organizations ?

It has been recently implemented in DUBAI, where SI's have to be officially and technichally certified first to serve the country. See the link below

Any guidelines for this implementation please ?


Hello Xishan:

In the US, for installers and technicians, there is no single (national) certification required but individual states or market verticals may require licensure.

I think the typical approach for implementing these requirements involve occupational trade organizations (alarm associations, low voltage contractors, etc) petitioning and lobbying for state governments to pass these requirements into law.

However, especially in the US, laws must include some provision for enforcement or they are ignored. In many areas, technician/company licensure is sign that "I voluntarily commit myself to retaining this license' but a law enforcement body that 'cracks down' on violators is almost unheard of. Licensure is a self-policing requirement driven by customers asking for it, not government demanding it.

Usually enforcement comes in the form of code inspectors responsible for maintaining the safety and workmanship of installed systems, not the certification status of installing companies.

For access control where life/safety is at stake, these inspections are common. However for video surveillance (that does not typically endanger life if installed poorly), this is much less common.

It is a good question without a clear answer. Does this help?

Hi Brian,

You tried well but that was only covering US perhaps.

what soever _______ grateful.

What are the specific requirements for being an integrator in Dubai? How stringent / detailed are they?

This makes me recall Qatar's super high end user requirements for surveillance.

Hi John,

Dont have any doc to share but recently I met a UAE based SI, he was quite upset. He told me that , government is enforcing the SI's to get certified by them. This way they have to technically pass few tests.

These tests are a little tuff in terms of networking and resolution details ( specially for a conventional Analogue system seller )

Gov charge a lot for each test for each and every technician , if they get failed they have to appear again with new fee :)

Therefore, now Only Certified technicians can work in the SI companies .

Thtas how they are filtering the quality SI's for their city and wiping out the rest.

Hope this may answer your concern.