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How Often Do You Use A Narrow Aspect Ratio?

Have you ever chosen to orient a camera's POV as a tall/narrow view (9:16) in order to cover a narrow corridor? Some NVR/DVR/VMS might not make this an easy option, but we are hoping to use DW Spectrum (HD Witness 2.2) and it is an easy thing to do.

What I am worried about is are there side effects to this practice that I am overlooking? We have a project with many long, narrow areas that we need to cover and flipping the view 90 degrees will cover these areas much better.

I'e been curious how often people are doing this in production, too. It's been available for awhile, but I do not hear of that many people using it.

We discussed some of the issues with it in our Camera Selection Guide. Basically, remember that you're calculating PPF on what's normally the vertical pixel count when you use corridor mode. So you'll have 720 or 1080 instead of 1280 or 1920 in HD cameras.

Ethan, we are using 3MP cams, so PPF isn't an issue in the small, but long areas. I just wonder if there will be perceived issues with exported video, or something else I haven't thought of.