How Good Is Aventura?

I have been browsing the market for a new brand to work with and we have had a look at Aventura. We have been working with Axis for quite some time but since their approach in the market is not as good as it was before we have decided to have a look at another brand. Aventura caught our attention, but how good is it?

If you like Hikvision, you'll be sure to like Aventura...;)

I drive past their home office/manufacturing/rebranding plant weekly on my way to sales calls/installations in the their area. One day a few years ago I stopped by, walked in the front door and asked if somebody was available to show me their products. They looked at me like a deer caught in headlights and they said nobody is available? Really? Undisclosed 1's links to previous discussions...imported from China, rebranded on Long Island, NY and sold as made in the USA? Isn't that the American way? Can't we make anything here worthwhile?

I think this was another discussion but is there a manufacturer that makes ALL components and assembles in the USA? If so that would be the product to buy even if it was more expensive.

So is Aventura's location a big factory or small office or?

we are in the receipt of items for the order placed to Aventura a while ago , Would share update and feed back of their services shortly .