How Funny, Informative Or Agreeable Are You?

Have you seen our new home page feature that reports your total votes?

Here's mine:

If you have a 1 or greater ratio (meaning more votes than comments), that is pretty outstanding. Anyone get more informative or funny votes than any other category?

Please share.

Oh boy:

I have a 0.59 'vote' to 'comment' ratio. Time to up the game.

I fall short of the golden ratio as well, 0.79.

Smart money is on Michael Silva, the guy is likely pushing 2.0!

If 'bad puns' could be tallied, you'd nail 1.0 pretty easy.

You're just lucky you don't see the ones I reject...

You're funnier than me, though not by much.

Congratulations on your Honorary Admin Degree, its overdue!

1.18 and more informatives than anything else, though a small number of total comments for IPVM. Beside making me feel good, this is interesting to me because it is a pretty good reflection of how I think people perceive me in person, reserved but helpful, with a little bit of humor.

Do others feel the stats reflect their offline personalities?

Dan, thanks for sharing, nicely done!

Btw, the average number of total comments even for regular commenters is surely in the hundreds. U1, Brian and myself are total outliers.

Please share, I'd like to see what different people are at.

Clearly, people do not understand how hilarious I am.

Sympathy funny vote for you there.

.80 ratio on my IPVM employee account, not too bad.

1.40 on my prior account as a user:

Probably had just as much as that at my previous employer, under a different account.

What about unhelpful and disagree?

What about unhelpful and disagree?

We felt it would be better to emphasize more on the positive. Overall, though, unhelpful and disagree votes are the least common votes, so not a big impact.

I am likable and funny, yet not overly informative... :)

Note that I am well aware that these are only the positive numbers...

If I bore the weight of my many Unhelpfuls, the above would certainly not appear as rosy. :)

If I bore the weight of my many Unhelpfuls, the above would certainly not appear as rosy...

Can't be that many, your disagreeable/unhelpful total is just 84 :)

yes, but that gives me 84 negative votes vs 79 Informative votes...

I just gave you 6, so you should be up one. Now keep your nose clean!

Well Marty, time to hire a publicist.

That is an interesting stat...thanks for adding it.

Consider this.... I selected the link of the 'comments' and saw that the TOTAL number of comments was much higher than what the home page metric reflected.

Perhaps the metric can read something like XX votes on ZZ of NN comments

Does this mean I have street cred? Lol

Note: the original method simply added all votes per person, including disagree and unhelpfuls. The method has now been changed to just add votes for agree, funny and informative.

Net/net: your vote totals are now somewhat less but more accurate. Thanks for pointing out that issue.

Not horrible....