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How Does Video Get Into Dahua HD Portable Video Recorder?

I'm puzzled by Dahua's MPT300 HD Portable Video Recorder. How does video get from the camera into the recorder and what kind of cameras can be used, e.g. IP, HDCVI or analog? I've read the specs but am none the wiser. It looks like it is only designed to record from a single camera. Can anyone else work it out?

I believe it has a lens / camera built in and that is the only video it records.

From the datasheet:

That said, I am not sure where the lens / camera is embedded on the unit.

Btw, this appears to be their take on a body camera.

Thank you John, I'm sure you are right. I was thinking this was just a recorder because of its name and so completely missed the lens specifications. It looks similar to a camera phone and is also running Android.